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A quick Q & A with Leslie Gossett - the woman who merged her passion for  real estate with her passion for her city, Austin, TX.  

SC: How was the SCENE Austin started? 

L: I have made a living off of real estate for 10 years. As a blog has always been my passion, the SCENE came from trying to come up with a marketing key for my real estate clientele. I wanted to send them a mini-magazine that talked about the downtown scene of Austin. This quickly turned into a blog because I could change content quickly. 

I also combined all of my different passions: real estate, restaurants, fashion, and culture. The magazine also allowed me to feature the different areas that my clients were interested in.

SC: How did you build your following in Austin? 

L: Although I am still trying to find my voice on Instagram, I built my blog organically, didn’t pay for any followers and grew at a rate of a thousand followers a month. Having a blog is truly a labor of love. If I could do anything in the world it would be blogging full time!

SC: Have you seen a change in Austin culture or trends since your blog was launched?

L: I think there is a lot of space within Austin bloggers. If you go to NY, there is a ton of New York fashion bloggers. Right now, I haven’t noticed a change in Austin culture but I feel, and I have an intuition that with all of the movement to Austin that there is going to be a change. The art scene is growing and the food scene is incredible. We’re spoiled with all the good food!

SC: If we were in Austin for 24 hours, what's your go-to restaurant? 

L: Uchi, it is a sushi restaurant, any food that they bring out is good. Ask for the tasting menu, and let them bring it out, you’ll never have a bad bite. 

SC: Any key advice for future bloggers?

L: Follow your passion, I was hesitant at first because there was so many people in the fashion space; everyone wants to be a fashion blogger. But then I thought, there are so many fashion designers out there and it’s still not stopping emerging designers because there is something out there that is going to appeal to everyone.

SC: Do you have any favorite places of inspiration in Austin?

L: To write or to think I like to go to the Spider house café. It is a coffee shop close to the UT campus. I also like to go to Barton Springs to lay out and just relax. The water it nice and cold because it’s a natural spring! 

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