#BOSSXBABES: An Interview with Founder & CEO Lindsey Bresnick


ELLE. A SOCIAL is a social media agency who helps brands, designers and influencers expand and curate their social platforms by strategically engaging with their target audience. They design and build content personalized just for each and every client. 

We had the amazing opportunity to discuss how Lindsey Bresnick launched her #BOSSXBABE business - we are SO excited to share her story with you!

SC: What was your main reason for starting Elle. A Social?

LB: I had a heavy background in the entertainment industry, my social media was becoming really popular and that’s where I got started. A couple of years ago, I just started researching about social media, marketing, and influencers and from there I started getting a lot of referrals. Last year I decided to take those referrals and start a company!

SC: How do you constantly evolve your company and keep up with the fast paced world of social media?

LB: I definitely look at what my competition is doing and every time I hire an intern or employee, I have them research the top 3 things that are coming to the social media world and whether they are applicable to our company. I also look at competitors and what they are doing to see how we can make ourselves better. It is also just really about understanding trends and validating them and molding them into our company

SC: What was your biggest hurdle in starting Elle A. Social?

LB: My biggest hurdle was the fear of not knowing if I was going to successful and not knowing what I would fall back on if it wasn’t successful. That, at first, was my biggest hurdle because the fear really held me back. From there, my hurdles were about getting started, wondering how to price our packages, and seeing what our competitors were doing. I was concerned with finding that spot in the industry that our company would fit in and how I would get people to notice our brand.

SC: Does your company work only with influencers?

LB: We work with everybody! We have influencers, fashion designers, interior designers, bloggers; we offer full social media management for all companies!

SC: Have you noticed a change in tactics that companies are using to manage social media?

LB: I have noticed that a lot of people have become less creative as a result of the Facebook and Instagram merge! It is a common misconception that it is a good idea to post the same content on Facebook as you do on your Instagram, because you have the option to connect your accounts. But what people don’t know is you should actually be posting different content to your platforms because it encourages influencers to be creative and develop new and original content specific to each platform!

SC: How do you manage your work, especially with clients of so many differing industries?

LB: I have a team of 5 girls that I work with and split up the accounts with. By doing that, it allows us to focus on one specific industry or niche to ensure that every company that we manage is accounted for and getting the attention they deserve!

SC: Does Elle A. Social have any exciting projects or events coming up?

LB: We are launching new apparel soon and will also be holding our first panel event of powerful women in the industry! It will be located in West Hollywood and will feature a panel of influencers, business owners, real-estate agents, celebrity stylists, and just a nice mix of creative people, including the founders of Wildflower cases!

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